Meet the founder, Sheri

Professional Bio

Sheri’s an intutuive healer, Tantrika and teacher.  Before Sheri began her healing journey, she was overweight, depressed and in a abusive marriage. Sheri realized that if she wanted to be happy, she was going to have to change. Having always been intuitive, Sheri began to seek answers to her life through a blend of mediation, yoga, energy healing, and manifesting. Sheri shares her expertise through her yoga school, Enerchi and Clarity Insight and Wellness. Sheri has since worked with thousands of people worldwide, and supports non-profits organizations that stop sex trafficking.

My passion for Tantra came through the way I was able to let go of limitations and fully embrace myself. I was working as a healer for several years when I came across Tantra. Finally, I had found a way to bring much-needed healing to sexuality and sexual wounding so prevalent today.  I specialize in healing for sexual wounding, armouring and outdated ideas so that my clients can live more passionately and fully with their lives and bodies.  I connect with a worldwide network of students through workshops and training and now, through this website.

One thing for sure, women today face many challenges and living in a man’s world can disconnect women from their feminine core. Trying to have it all in a man’s world can make it difficult to radiate your feminine essence; your inner goddess. The ancient Indians referred to this energy as, “Shakti”. This powerful feminine energy is the energy of creation! Shakti is the energy to manifest and surrender to life fully! When a woman is in her power, she is open to living and love passionately, to surrender and trust life fully! I’m here to share the secrets that I spent years learning and perfecting. Guiding you into awakening your divine feminine energy for transformation. When your feminine energy is open, you can receive love, have more passion and live with more happiness and pleasure!

I’ve seen so many men open up and transform embracing all of themselves, letting go of a need to perform. to hold everything in. Men in society face many challenges and tend not to reach out for support when they desperately need it. This causes imbalances such as PE and ED. Tantra can unravel this old paradigm and allow a man to fully live his power. 

Remember, I was not always the woman you see now. Before I started my transformation, I had many obstacles. I was a struggling single mom, out of an abusive marriage, overweight, anxious and depressed! I had been a teenage mom, and like most girls like me, I had come from the classic broken family abusive background. I had tried everything in my power to keep things together, to try to get out of the trap I was born in. It was a struggle, and no matter how hard I tried, I kept ending up in the same place.

Sadly, my marriage ended with an act of violence and I knew that I could not wait for the right time. I had to get out of that situation and get my life together. I had no idea how I was going to make ends meet. I had three children, bills to pay, and I in college full time. I started a cleaning business to supplement income while taking classes and this was my sole source of income. I literally had two clients at that time. I have heard the expression, “You have a breakthrough or a breakdown,” I did not have the time for a breakdown, so I began to pray and meditate daily, giving my fears and anxieties to the creator.  Things began to shift after that, and rays of sunshine began to fill the dark clouds of that time. Once I let go, things turned around for the better.

I was introduced to Reiki shortly before my marriage fell apart, and decided to become a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki helped me cope and heal from my divorce. Still, I constantly fought my negative patterns and beliefs that came up and wanted to change my body and my mind. My yoga practice became my foundation for letting go of the old limited beliefs that my body and my mind still held onto.

Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Tantra. My interest in Tantra began it’s known healing and transformational abilities. I felt that Tantra could help me heal the sexual woundings and patterned beliefs that held me stuck in toxic situations. I began my Tantra journey with a beautiful group of Tantrikas who train and educate Tantra students worldwide. I worked with this group for 5 years and became a trainer for the organization. It was challenging at times to do the deep healing work that was required. I had to confront my deep fears about myself and through my practice, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and move past those barriers.

My love for Tantra did not stop there and has taken me on a worldwide journey of discovery. I’ve had the privilege of studying Tantra with many masters in India as well as Bali. Many of the Tantric practices and rituals have been kept secret for thousands of years, however, I have been privileged to learn many of healing rituals of Tantra and I wish to share those practices with you! My hope is to you too will experience the magic of tantra.