by | Nov 10, 2017

What can I expect in a session?
You can expect to feel amazing, open and relaxed. Our Tantra coaches take you into the magical world of tantra through the use of touch, connection and breath. Intimacy and connection take many factors to cultivate and our coaches work very intuitively, however, we don’t offer any services outside of our offerings. Our coaches skills and expertise can help you improve your sex life significantly, sex is simply not offered. Our coaches are always clothed during sessions.
Who can benefit from Tantra?
Tantra is for anyone who is interested in expanding their life inside and outside the bedroom. All that is required to learn tantra is an open curiosity. Age, sexual orientation, relationship status simply aren’t criteria for learning tantra.  Our coaches work with people of all levels and backgrounds.


How are payments handled?
We accept all major credit cards at the time of booking through our safe payment portal. On a case, by case basis, we can accept cash payment. Please email us with your request.
Is a Tantra retreat good for single people?

Yes! We have Tantra retreats geared especially for singles. One of the best times to discover yourself and start a tantra practice is when you are single. We have retreats that are created for couples only, so if you are single bring a friend that you are comfortable with and enjoy the healing and growth tantra can bring you

I’m a same sex couple, should I come to a tantra retreat?

Absolutely! Tantra is for everyone! Tantra is about merging the masculine and feminine energies. Those energies are present in all of us, and the polarity is in all couples, regardless of sexual orientation.

Is there nudity during the retreat?

Not at all! We teach with a demonstration so that you can enjoy practising in private play! Occasionally, we may have a retreat at an optional clothing facility, where participants may choose to be clothing optional; however, all workshop classes participants remained clothed.  

Are accommodations included in retreats?

Yes, almost all of our workshops include accommodations, unless otherwise stated.

Will meals be included?

Yes! Meals are included.  Please make staff aware of any dietary restrictions before departure. We will try to accommodate all reasonable request. More extended retreats may have free time, in which you would provide your meal during excursions.