Surrender to Bliss (1.5 HRS) $275

breath & mediation / ritual & intention / kundalini awakening / touch / connection

Welcome to a  journey of surrender & discovery. Your session begins with a warm introduction, as you are introduced to ancient Tantric rituals for attuning  your energy with your partner. Surrender to the breath as you go into a journey through your scenses, that expands the kundalini energy within you. Your body will melt at the hands of the Goddess as your discover ancient Tantric Breaths to harness your energy.

Blissful Body (1.5 HRS) $275

expanded breath & meditation / ritual & intention    kundalini activation / touch / connection / practice

The Goddess awaits to expand your senses, as you continue the journey with scared Tantric rituals & more intense breath work. Using movement and breath, the energy begins to open the chakras & Nadi’s. The energy moves up the body for expanded bliss. Feel the energy rise in ripples and waves throughout your body.

Union in Bliss (2HRS) $375

breath & meditation / ritual & intention / sacral healing & awakening / touch & connection / blended pleasure / energy magic

This sacred session merges your previous sessions into the dance of Shiva/Shakti, to bring all the breathwork into a beautiful session that brings all you learned together in one session. Surrender to bliss where your energies and senses are inspired, amplified and merged. Learn how to be present to your partner and how to merge your energy and move the energy in your body.