Experience more love in your life

We are all capable of experiencing greater love and pleasure in our lives and relationships. Our tantra sessions are designed to bring greater self awareness, more love and openhearted awakening to bliss.

Are you ready to live life to the fullest?

Tantra has practices for everyone! No matter what your history, sexual orientation or relationship status, Tantra can enrich your life!
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Improve Sexual Performance

Tantric practices releases mental. energetic and physcial blocks that inhibit lildibo and performace.

Heal Sexual Wounding

Healthy sexuality begins with healing the societial and sexual wounding of our past. Tantra offers a safe place to begin to heal the past

Tantra for Today

The anient yoga practices of Tantra are taught for todays couples. You can use these ancient practices to depen your life on all levels,

Why Tantra?

Become a Conscious Lover

A conscious lover is a lover who is awarness of their partner and themselves, and honors the divinity within themselves and their partner. They foster deep imtimacy with their partner, for a fully relaized union.

Tantric Breathwork

The foundation of Tantra is found in the breath. The breath  moves energy throughout the body. Explore the breaths of Tantra to open your energy body and stimulate the Kundalini energy.

Create More Intimacy

Tantra opens the doors to help you look past yourself and into your relationship. Tantra practices build trust, rapport, and sensuality to lay a foundation for greater levels of intimacy. Take your relationship to the next level.



Tantra session was just what I needed! 

Sheri I came into Atlanta to get another Tantra session, and I came across you! OMG! I did not expect to find someone so natural and advanced! I wanted to take you with me! You are a wonderfully natural tantrika! I was able to connect instantly with you, you put me at ease and I experienced a true energy exchange with you. I cannot say enough about how much I got out of my session with you, and what a wonderful surprise it was. Ron

Every couple should do this! 

Honestly, I did not think I could get the passion back in my marriage. I was willing to try anything, when I read about Tantra. I read about Sheri, and I liked what I read. She seemed knowledgeable and professional. My wife and I scheduled Sheri for Tantra. Sheri made us feel at ease and made the session a lot of fun. We learned many new practices that has brought our relationship to a new level all the way around. We have had 3 sessions and will be scheduling more! Carlos